The IHS Process

Trusting someone with your home is not easy. Here is the process you can expect when you work with IHS:

Step 1: Define the project and your expectations.

We will meet you in your home and get some basic information about your project to:

• Determine which areas are to be transformed and create a “to scale” drawing of the area.
• Determine materials needed for the project.
• Determine the timeline for the project.
• Determine the budget for the project.
• Explain why IHS is uniquely qualified to best complete your project.

Step 2: Clarify your project and expectations.

We will:

• Provide you with a materials list for the project that you can then take your discount supplier and negotiate the best price for your materials. We do not profit from your purchase, however we can help you with shopping.
• Provide you with a labor quote for the project. You will not receive an estimate. An estimate is a best guess on what it will take to complete. You receive a promise from I.H.S.
We are not guessing. We know what it takes!
• Provide you with knowledge of “what to expect” from our team. This information will help to prepare you before, during and after we are in your home.

3. Complete your project and exceed your expectations.

Our craftsmen will:

• Come to your home and complete your project with artistry, efficiency, and care.
• Clean the work area upon completion.