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What is In Home Services?

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Source One LLC and Fluidstone Concrete are subsidiary companies of In Home Services

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I.H.S. has been transforming homes for over twenty years.   We help clients transform two fo the most important rooms in the home, the kitchen and the bathroom.  We provide the design, craftsmanship, source for the materials, even help in acquiring the materials.  The client supplies the materials saving hundrends even thousands of dollars.

Our unique approach is innovative. However it shouldn’t be and soon we are sure some of our competitors will catch on. However at this time we are one of a very few that have seen that today’s consumer is educated and knows how to get the best price on materials. This has caused a problem for some service providers who have made a living for years adding 15% – 30% to the materials’ prices.

To us, this is a no brainer. You go to the discount retailers or find the deals out there on line and save the money. We will make our money on what we are best at, installing your deals. We can help you by specifying good materials and pointing you to the best place to find them, even passing on our wholesale discounts that we receive at some of the wholesale only shops. You buy and pay for the material at the wholesaler under our account.

For more information about kitchen and bathroom remodeling in the Marietta and Atlanta area , please call customer service at (404)384-8705

404-384-8705   goinhomeservices@gmail.com

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